At Gamercamp 2011. Credit: Gavin Hay

I specialize in fluid, immediate interfaces for creative expression and immersive, interactive theatrical experiences, backed by novel Computer Vision. I have a strong and diverse background in mathematics and theatre. I finished a PhD at the University of Toronto in May 2015.

Currently work on the up-and-coming projects:
Playlines – Augmented Reality Audio Locational Stories

Alum of Occipital and Microsoft Research.

I have extensive experience building novel interfaces in C++ (SFML), C# (WPF), Objective-C, HTML5/CSS/Javascript and Unity. Additionally, I have used Python and MATLAB for analyzing large sets of data. I have written high-performance real-time image processing code in C++ (OpenCV, CUDA-C and Obj-C with C backend). I am familiar with several methods of gestural and motion recognition, once having implementing a Hidden Markov Model to detect false positives in a large gestural motion dataset.

See my academic page for research work.

I blog sporadically on a variety of topics.

Email: dustin.freeman@gmail.com

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