Month: October 2005

  • Step 1:I have an attendance problem.

    I’ve realized lately that I have a problem attending class, as you can see by the lovely figure on the right. I haven’t had this problem since first year, I geuss Engineering Physics was more stringent with attendance. I geuss I can owe this to my remarkable ability to coast through learning and learn everything […]

  • I wrote this

    I wrote this for the Time Project: “It’s raining sideways.”“Why did you bring me here?”“This is where I am going to live from now on.”“I would hate it if this weather wouldn’t stop.”“You don’t have to visit.” This is a 5-line part of a 7-scene mini play we constructed. I feel proud of it as […]

  • Snippets of Dialogue

    Anne is in the kitchen, mixing something. Apple Pie is cooking in the oven. Dustin Enters Dustin: That pie smells great. I want to rub it all over myself.Anne: Yeah. Dustin puts some dishes on the growing pile, rearranging them so that they are less precarious. The time spent doing this could be just as […]