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Awesome Photo

So, a picture I took at when I was at the Mars Desert Research Station in second year got used as a cover of a scientific magazine. My friend Ken alerted me to this. The scientific magazine is Mars Analog … Continue reading

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Quantum Phases Project

I received an NSERC USRA to do summer research in the Queen’s University Math Department. My research was simulating a Ph.D student’s theory in Matlab using Semidefinite Optimization to understand the Quantum Behaviour of Electrons in the now poorly-understood High-Temperature … Continue reading

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I want it that way

A little high school nostalgia. Start me (Brian), John Whitney (AJ), Chris Olthof (Nick), Caitlin Cameron (Howie, a man) and Kevin as Kevin.

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Toronto Improv Blog Post #1

I headed down to Toronto a little bit early in order to see the Neutrino Video Project. Its an improvised 60-minutes long form movie. They go out and film scenes on DV tape, and have runners bring it back to … Continue reading

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Holy Connectivity

After finishing my job, I’ve been spending alot of time working in Second Life on my MyZoo project. When I entered the welcome area a few hours ago, I saw an avatar sitting on top of a device labelled “Universal … Continue reading

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Lazy Ramadi

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This is what is in my room right now

Going counterclockwise from my computer monitor. Two black walkie-talkies, holding down about 50 pieces of paper containing scribblings about MyZoo, a proect, I’m working on. Some climbing equipment. My left hand, freshly covered in gymnastics chalk. A metronome I’ve had … Continue reading

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How to cope with ADD with a Linux operating system

Before reading any further: put on your thick glasses, your pocket protectors, fanny packs, and don’t shower for a week. I have a distraction issue. Maybe its not officially ADD or ADHD or whatever but it could be construed as … Continue reading

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Family Reunions are Awkward because…

o You see what you could have been like if you had a slight shift in genes, or upbringing, and its strange and disturbing. o No matter what (maybe this is only me) you are the ONLY one your age. … Continue reading

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Awesome/Wierd Night

Last night was so wierd/awesome that I feel I have to capture it. On the elixir patio me and my team the Albino Seals were for some post-Ultimate Frisbee drinks and hang-outage. Overheard, there were some flashes of lightning, so … Continue reading

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