Month: August 2006

  • Awesome Photo

    So, a picture I took at when I was at the Mars Desert Research Station in second year got used as a cover of a scientific magazine. My friend Ken alerted me to this. The scientific magazine is Mars Analog Research, Volume 111, Science and Technology Series, ed. Jonathan D.A. Clarke. Invited papers on Mars […]

  • Quantum Phases Project

    I received an NSERC USRA to do summer research in the Queen’s University Math Department. My research was simulating a Ph.D student’s theory in Matlab using Semidefinite Optimization to understand the Quantum Behaviour of Electrons in the now poorly-understood High-Temperature Superconductivity. No pretty pictures (yet), unfortunately.

  • I want it that way

    A little high school nostalgia. Start me (Brian), John Whitney (AJ), Chris Olthof (Nick), Caitlin Cameron (Howie, a man) and Kevin as Kevin.

  • Toronto Improv Blog Post #1

    I headed down to Toronto a little bit early in order to see the Neutrino Video Project. Its an improvised 60-minutes long form movie. They go out and film scenes on DV tape, and have runners bring it back to the theatre, where scenes are played in between the Neutrino screensave that plays on the […]

  • Holy Connectivity

    After finishing my job, I’ve been spending alot of time working in Second Life on my MyZoo project. When I entered the welcome area a few hours ago, I saw an avatar sitting on top of a device labelled “Universal Translator”. I initially thought – how cute! The avatar’s name is Hank Ramos, and we […]

  • Lazy Ramadi

  • This is what is in my room right now

    Going counterclockwise from my computer monitor. Two black walkie-talkies, holding down about 50 pieces of paper containing scribblings about MyZoo, a proect, I’m working on. Some climbing equipment. My left hand, freshly covered in gymnastics chalk. A metronome I’ve had since I was ten, in the original box. My fiction collection, mostly strange sci-fi I […]

  • How to cope with ADD with a Linux operating system

    Before reading any further: put on your thick glasses, your pocket protectors, fanny packs, and don’t shower for a week. I have a distraction issue. Maybe its not officially ADD or ADHD or whatever but it could be construed as such should a pharmaceutical company want it to be. Anyway, I am frequently distracting at […]

  • Family Reunions are Awkward because…

    o You see what you could have been like if you had a slight shift in genes, or upbringing, and its strange and disturbing. o No matter what (maybe this is only me) you are the ONLY one your age. I’m always the oldest of the children, except for some guy that is too cool […]

  • Awesome/Wierd Night

    Last night was so wierd/awesome that I feel I have to capture it. On the elixir patio me and my team the Albino Seals were for some post-Ultimate Frisbee drinks and hang-outage. Overheard, there were some flashes of lightning, so a storm was about to start. I love storms so much – they are the […]