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Step up, Real World

So, I just finished reading Everything Bad is Good For You, by Steven Johnson. The thesis of the book is that today’s popular culture, which is generally considered to be mind-numbing, and making the average person dumber, is actually, on … Continue reading

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more POLE and also flash

Another pole picture. Somehow these have the magic of turning out amazing all the time. In other news, I’m finally going through something I have been promising myself I would for a while – learning Macromedia Flash. I’m keeping a … Continue reading

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Media Priming

Any James Bond movie starts with some sort of giant chase scene. Our andrenaline is pumping within seconds that the objects on the video screen start to move. Modern TV shows (especially serials like Lost or PrisonBreak) start with a … Continue reading

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The Greasepole was fantastic. 4 fucking hours. This was like it in first year (7 hours) except that it was cold and rainy, instead of sunny, and I was hungover from drinking since 4 am. My friend Yuki took this … Continue reading

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Ride Wit Me – Nelly

In continuing the recent trend of high school, music videos, my discovery of embedded youtube, and non-verbal blogging, here’s something that uses all of those. John WhitneyMeChris OlthofChris’ damn rich digs, including mercedes, audi and boat. My cheap station wagon. … Continue reading

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