Month: December 2006

  • A picture a day for six years

    The eyes of the man in this video are very sad. Why is that? Watch his hair mostly as it flails in a maelstrom about his monoexpression face. I get a sense that he is getting older, yet I feel that he isn’t changing. I see him in a variety of environment, so his life […]

  • The Interactive Universe

    I just discovered the most amazing game – Samorost. The control of this game is such that you play a character (in the loose sense) navigating about a world in a puzzle-solving mode. But, the cool part of this game is that you get to make choices about your environment which should be beyond your […]

  • Why is the Pioneer Plaque so sexist?

    My home page for the last while when Firefox starts has been the wikipedia start page. Just a few minutes ago, I was greeted with this: This is the Pioneer Plaque, a gold-engraved image sent out on the spacecrafts Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11. For those that didn’t know, these were two spacecrafts that were […]