Month: January 2007

  • What is it?

    I PROMISE – more verbosity is coming. Currently my energies are elsewhere.

  • What kind of science fiction writer am I?

    I am: Alfred Bester A pyrotechnic talent who put only a small portion of his energy into writing. Which science fiction writer are you?

  • Supplementary Material

    Supplementary Material was a submission four collaborators and I made to the Queen’s University Focus Film Festival 2007. We sat in a very long writing session and brainstormed a ton of ideas, but finally came up with something we found really fun, but we were afraid no one would get it. To our surprise, we […]

  • I'm in an internet commerical So, just before the winter break I had a free day during exam period. What’s the best way to spend a free day? Why – participate in a commercial! You notice me as the guy holding the tuba, sweating his ass off in the sweat red digs. There are four episodes coming out in […]

  • Sometimes I wish I was Japanese

    The Hole – video powered by Metacafe

  • Shat

    I just realized – perhaps its just me – that the word “shat” is an acceptable term for the past tense of shit. I’ll have to use it in a paper to find out. Go nested sentence structure!

  • Second Life is Open Source

    Second Life is now open source. Now I’m not entirely sure to what breadth or depth this will mean to anyone that happens to read this, but WOW (not that other MMORPG, I’m exclaiming something). To get the background on this, go here:Second Life wikipedia Article This is, I think, a very significant moment. I […]

  • Found on a Golden VideoTape

    Part 1 Part 2