Month: June 2007

  • Sitch Ring

    Since this is almost the third post in this vein, I’m tempting to add a tag on my blog for “news about sitch-like devices”. If you haven’t heard about the Sitch, it was a device I invented for the purpose of Deviants, a play I wrote and acted in this past spring. The central idea […]

  • A Short History of Progress

    Summer of 2004:I’m bussing downtown at Chez Piggy, leaving me pretty unstimulated intellectually, leading some critics to call this “a rather boring summer.” While trying to cure my boredom, I discover Second Life while surfing on Considering I’m part of a real-life Improv Show, I try starting a team in Second Life. I manage […]

  • All Quiet on the Home Front

    I know I’ve been pretty quiet since I got back from the amazing trip. I’ve been job searching, which is, for me at least, one of the most stressful activities in the world. Anyway, I may be two inches away from securing something but I can’t be really happy until that happens. Well, I noticed […]

  • Psssstthhh!

    I know I’m supposed to be in Southeast Asia right now, but The Escapist has a great four-part article by Warren Spector (Deus Ex, Thief, Wing Commander, etc.) on Storytelling in games. link.