Month: October 2007

  • Some boardwork

    There’s a lot of advantages to having a massive chalkboard in my house. One is the quenching of my large writable space fetishism. Another is being able to work on my thesis and a set design at the same time. Image processing algorithm design for my thesis on the left, set design scribbles for the […]

  • A few weeks spent underwater

    It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I’m sort of beginning to wonder what the purpose of it. The last few posts have been all over the map. Am I using this to disseminate things I find cool? Am I using this for commentary or musings? I’d like to use if for all […]

  • Neuroticism is optimal?

    I just read this article: Neurotic software has winning personality Austrian researchers made several different AI classes (agressive, defensive, normal and neurotic) and pitted them against a real-time strategy game’s built-in AI engine. Turns out the neurotic AI was the most successful of them all In other news, Lately I’ve been watching a lot of […]

  • Passed Around

    I finally got this pay slip in the mail, after it was passed around for several weeks in Queen’s internal mail system. I thought I’d capture it here; it represents my educational experience with shocking accuracy. The “experience” is coming to a close, and there’s really only 7 months left for me at Queen’s. This […]