Month: December 2007

  • Cognitive Dissonance

    Whenever we interact with a thing, be it animal, vegetable, human or other, we form, by trial-and-error, a certain agreeement on the meaning of the symbols we use. This may be anything from the words that compose a language, to the motions we tell our limbs to perform to keep us walking. When the literacy […]

  • Queen's Professor compares video games to cocaine Wow. I’ll think up a more thorough response to this later. But in the meantime: – The most advanced game the author ever played is Tetris, which somehow gives him license to condemn the entire medium. – Video games are NOT passive in any way! Sure, they leave less to the imagination than books […]

  • Narrative and Fido

    Two nights ago, I watched Fido, a 2006 Canadian zombie film, with my housemate John. This post is about narrative and exposition in that movie, which is definitively the best Canadian movie I’ve ever seen (if you ignore the bilingualism of Bon Cop Bad Cop). Here’s the trailer: If you’re going to see the movie, […]

  • Encroaching Automata (but, you know, in a good way)

    Holy wow, Google Reader is now making recommendations.