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Rock Paper Scissors is live!

After some helpful comments, Rock Paper Scissors Infinity is now live! Rock Paper Scissors Infinity is a massively multiplayer matching game. Honestly, the best way to experience it is to just go look at it. And play with it, so … Continue reading

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Real-Life Spam

Well, the house just received 30 identical looking standard-size envelopes, none of which were addressed to any of us. Most of them were weird variations of either Phillip Van Stone (18) or Andrew Collins (9). I opened one for “Mike … Continue reading

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Blobjects are fun!

Blobject? A photo from a research project I’m working on.

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Mimicry-Afforded Gesture Instruction

I was exploring techniques to teach novel gesture interaction “in the moment”. The alternative is to have the user learn everything interaction up front, or to have a large toolbar that takes up screen real estate. I created a concept … Continue reading

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The Improv Show

I was part of the Kingston-based “The Improv Show” from 2003-2008. I was picked up right out of high school, and ended as Artistic Director. The goal of the troupe has always been to push the possibilities of improvisation, leaning … Continue reading

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Rock Paper Scissors Infinity

Rock Paper Scissors is something I conceived a in September 2007 when I was staring tiredly at some lined paper in the middle of an 8:30 class. It can be best described as an interactive, growing, database of rock paper … Continue reading

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The Deviants

The Deviants was my second theatrical project with Critical Stage Theatre Co. I held even more hats this time as actor, set designer, writer (on of three) and various production roles. We also worked on some elements of the design … Continue reading

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