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Scientific Results

An excellent quote from a paper I’m reading: “A final thought before moving on. Science has one methodology, art and design have another. Are we surprised that art and design are remarkable for their creativity and innovation? While we pride … Continue reading

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Wizard of Oz in South Park

In Human-Computer Interaction studies, we often simulate new interfaces in experimental trials before actually putting the effort into making them. Sometimes this simulation is interactive, like Human Media Lab’s Display Objects, and sometimes it’s a crappy non-interactive piece of styrofoam … Continue reading

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A conversation with the Google Earth API

Dustin: Oh hey there, Google Earth, it looks like you have an API so that we can actually talk to each other.GE: Yeah, hello! It’s really useful.Dustin: Well, we’ll see about that. So, I’ve turned you on. Can you tell … Continue reading

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