Month: December 2008

  • Evolving Ambiguous Digits

    The above image represents my final Machine Learning project, Evolving Ambiguous Digits. I have just finished writing it now. Yeah! First semester of Master’s finished! More details are to come (I will likely make a project page). But the above is the output of a neural network as represented by a Restricted Boltzmann Machine, when […]

  • Blog Entry Ideas

    I keep a bunch of text files on my cellphone that contain random ideas I get while on the go, categorized such as ‘Books I want to write’, ‘Funny ideas’, ‘Directives’, ‘Improv Ideas’, ‘To read/watch/play’. One of these files is ‘Blog entry ideas’, a collection of stuff I wanted to write or rant about but […]

  • Devices that Bruise

    (with Alicia Grubb) For a Topics in Ubiquitous Computing class, a colleague and I were interested in helping people get out of being in a bad mood. Typically when someone is in a bad mood, it does not improve the situation to directly tell them. Instead, subtle feedback may be better. We created the concept […]