Month: June 2010

  • Indian Moments, Part 2

    Apparently, if you get high marks on an exam, your face gets put up on a poster in town. Indians find it hilarious and wasteful that I use toilet paper after going to the bathroom, instead of the ubiquitous squirter hose in every toilet. (As we’re leaving a Chinese restaurant to go on a weekend […]

  • Indian High School Dance on a %#$@ing School Bus

    So this past weekend, I went on a visit to Kodaikanal, a hill station in Tamil Nadu south of Bangalore. 2100 metres elevation baby! (minus the snow I’m used to expecting at that elevation). The air was amazing. I went with the same three other students from France and Switzerland I visited Hampi the previous […]

  • This is What A Day of Gesture Design Looks Like

    After spending a day designing a gesture detection algorithm, I took a look down at my paper and noticed that it looked almost art-like, if you didn’t know the origin. I decided to humbly share them with you for your educational and aesthetic benefit, my dear readers.