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Augmenting Minimalism (Improv)

Improv (when I’m loving it) is the most minimalist art form. Improv tends to be better when we bring only a little bit of ourselves to it; when we plan as little in advance as possible. The best, most honest, … Continue reading

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Glasgow to Skye 2011

From Glasgow-Skye and Back 2011 This past Thursday (March 17th, 2011) I was invited by Julie Rico to speak at the Glasgow Interactive Systems group (GIST). My topic was “How Users Learn Wrongly From Ambiguity in Gestural Interfaces”. I basically … Continue reading

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The Trailer of Life and Death

At the end of a night of drinking in Cambridge, the drunk head to the centre, Market Square, for late night food before their stumble home. The two available choices for food are trucks that only appear at night and … Continue reading

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Live from the Mekong

In the summer of 2007, I traveled through Southeast Asia while keeping a travel blog here with my awesome high school friend Taylor. We told all our friends and parents and had about twenty readers a day. We blogged through … Continue reading

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Aviation Technology Program

Back in Grade 10, I was enrolled in the “Aviation Technology Focus Program”. Over 8 months, myself and about 20 other students built a full-size four-person kitplane, supplied by Murphy Aircraft.

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Mars Society Expedition Alpha

I was part of Mars Society Canada’s two week Expedition Alpha to the Mars Desert Research Station in the Utah desert. Designated the ‘Hab Engineer’, I managed the gray water system, as well as set up a solar power panel. … Continue reading

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