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Test Strip Hero

You know when a compulsively cool idea occurs to you, and you can’t stop yourself from doing it? I’m thinking of playing other parts of the world, too.

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Dustin Freemans of the Internet

My name is relatively rare, but not so rare that I’m in the only one with it. I first became aware that there were other people with my name out in the world when I was 12. I was getting … Continue reading

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Truckers 4 Life

I like the artifacts of sub-cultures, by sub-cultures and for sub-cultures. I another one of my many, many transits across the 401, this time from Kingston to Toronto, I can across this wonderful booklet: Over The Road, June 2011 issue. … Continue reading

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The Coolest Traveller I Have Ever Met

This story comes up again and again when I tell travel stories, and it was briefly mentioned on Taylor and I’s 2007 Southeast Asia travel blog. The guy’s name was Manfred. He was 70-ish. We met him while taking the … Continue reading

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Cultural Imports

I’ve been around the world more than the average person in the last few years, both traveling through places and living places. When I encounter a new bit of culture that I like, I try to incorporate it in to … Continue reading

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