Month: October 2014

  • Moving to San Francisco; joining Occipital

    Two days ago, I finished the second-to-last draft of my thesis and, a couple hours later, my first full watch-through of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And now it’s time for another transition! I’ve lived in Toronto for 6 years while doing grad school. I got to participate a ton in the improv, theatre, and […]

  • Books that Stuck with Me

    I meant to assemble ten (10) works of fiction or non-fiction that had been influential to me at some point. This proved hard, and for a while I tried to rank them so I could eliminate any 11+. I settled on splitting my life thus far into 3 periods: Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood, and the […]

  • Appears to Take on Meaning…

    I’m in the midst of writing up my thesis, an unnaturally large document that I both want to just finish, but also have the urge to encapsulate every thought I’ve had in my life to this date. Some of my spare thoughts that don’t appear in that formal academic document will appear here. Humans are […]