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[Our bus comes up to our plane from Düsseldorf to Stansted; turns out to be fairly small, props instead of jets]
Guy #1: Huh, its a small one.
Guy #2: Yes, I was wondering why there was only 2 to a row when I was picking my seat.
Me: Wait, my seat is 12F, where am I sitting!?
Guy #3: ‘Bet you were wondering why those seats were so cheap!
Guy #2: You’ll be a wing walker!
Lady #1: Actually, the seats are A,C,D,F.
Me: Phew.

I really missed the banter.

Someone needs to tell air berlin about the Uncanny Valley. CGI instead of real people for safety instructions is only cool if your 3D actors move their eyes and emote a little.

The middle-aged guy next to me as I write this is doing sad bastard MBA studying, with its obvious bullet-point memorize-me heuristics. Ugh. I want a single serving friend.

This is a graph, from memory, of approximately how many flights I’ve been on, per year. A little bit of this is good, but mostly I spend way too much fucking time in airports

Summer resolution 2011: fuck planes. I’m staying out of them.

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