Awesome/Wierd Night

Last night was so wierd/awesome that I feel I have to capture it.

On the elixir patio me and my team the Albino Seals were for some post-Ultimate Frisbee drinks and hang-outage. Overheard, there were some flashes of lightning, so a storm was about to start.

I love storms so much – they are the equivalent of an atheist’s religious experience for me. Guys – you know how you get that tightening feeling in your balls when you are near an edge of a long drop that you could fall off? Well, its that same feeling of scary excitement for me.

We were hanging out, and the wind started to pick up. It got so intense an umbrella was actually pulled out of our table and hit my friend Matt in the face. Fortunately, my team’s well-honed ninja-like reflexes grabbed it before it hit anyone else. Strangely, the bouncers took no notice to a situation which was going to get inevitably worse. After all my craptalk about how much I love rain to my team, they made me go out and dance when it started raining really hard. As I was getting back on the patio, a giant whoosh whipped up the umbrella again and sent it flying through the air directly at Matt (again), even though he had moved and WAS WALKING AWAY.

We went inside to dry off, and drink more. After two close encounters with an umbrella in a strange fashion, we started talking about Final Destination. Someone mentioned that in the Final Destination 3 DVD, YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHETHER OR NOT PEOPLE DIE! I immediately became fixated on this (having a fetish for new and interactive media) and we (Matt, Kim, Simon) immediately left to find it and watch it.

It seems that at 10:45 on a Wednesday night most video stores were closed. Night Owl Video was closed permanently (Dear Night Owl Video, I will miss hanging out in your curtained-off porn section as a way to make people I’ve just met jittery and test their limits). Finally, we went down to Classic, which was closed but being staffed by Jeff Williams, a guy I hadn’t seen in FOUR YEARS who I used to play improv in high school with. He’s a crazy-ass film student who is both hated and loved for his eccentric and ambitious videos, as I remember it. Anyway, it was after closing time but he hadn’t closed the cash and let it in.

There it was, lying in three copies on the shelf – FINAL DESTINATION 3.

Incidentally, on the way home, we saw a massive tree that had crushed a car due to the intense winds that were going on. This made us a little more on edge.

We went home – I ate an unevenly toaster ovened chicken pot pie and we watched the movie. It was both awful and amazing. The choices were arbitrary and sometimes stupid, having little effect – but we could see it had been filmed with the intention of being used this way, at least. Also, I noticed that the director or whoever believed that people are made with Ravioli on the inside, having crushed or exploded several of them, and the cbunks looking rather delicious.

The movie is sitting on my desk now, waiting to be rewound and watched again.

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