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  • Cyclone Types

    Cyclone Types
  • GPT-2 and Culture Ship Names

    Brief Personal Update: I accepted a new job and moved to Manhattan – more on that later. Critically, I signed a lease on an apartment after 3 years of cybernomadism. I intend to live here for a while, but I want it to feel like a spaceship on the move. Thus, it needs a proper…

  • Novel FTL Flavour Profiles

    Ways faster-than-light travel could be fun, while also trying to solve Fermi Paradox. 1. It’s actually hard to go slow. I’m going to call this a Tachyon Drive approach. Once you spin up a tachyon drive, you actually go infinitely fast, and it takes precision and energy to slow the heck down. Most of the…

  • Indian English

    The lingua franca in India is English. If you can only know one language in India, this is the one to know. A common misconception if you’re from outside India is that the entire country is culturally and linguistically as one. This is incorrect! India is more culturally diverse than Europe! There are thousands of…

  • A collection of ideas #1

    Think Fast… New Improv Game:Sit, Stand, Heart AttackEssentially after Sit/Stand/Lean or Sit/Stand/Lie Down, but one person must always be having a heart attack. Haven’t tried it out yet, but it should be hilarious. Optimus Prime with no legs…Pessimus Prime A biker gang made out of mathematicians…Hell’s Angles

  • Self-Referential Multiple Choice

    I’m currently writing a multiple choice placement test for engineering calculus students. I wrote a draft, and sent it in to the professor I’m working for, where he found an error in this question. Which statement is correct about the f(x) and its inverse, g(x)? 1. g(x) is the reciprocal of f(x)2. An output so…

  • Peppering of Humour

    Perry Bible Fellowship has been going slowly for the past few months (although I did still check it obsessively while I was in Southeast Asia), so I’m happy to resort to xkcd for my visual endorphin needs.

  • A wicked rhyme I thought up

    Then I hit the pavement, wondering how the rave went.

  • A Bar-worthy conversation

    It was St. Patrick’s day. I had finished several Bailey’s on the Rock, three cans of Guiness, two black velvets, two Toucan Breakfasts and seven episodes of Arrested Development. The group decided to stop by at QP for some pool. Naturally, the combination of the bodily abuse I was giving myself now and the payback…

  • Discovery: Grammatical Group

    While over a discussion with my linguist/awesome/web programmer friend Eric Akaoka, I discovered the most interesting thing. He was going about correcting people on the proper use of the plural form of words, which is completely normal for him.e.g. Octopus -> OctopiUterus -> UteriClitoris -> Clitorises Clitoris turned out to be a bit confusing, since…