Deep Fryosleep

(a summary of a drunken conversation from last night)

For the voyage across the stars, deep freezing is bad for most biological organisms. Ice crystals, when they form at the microscopic level, can pierce and break cell walls. Animals that endure deep cold and space successfully[0] do so by removing all the moisture from their bodies first [1].

Tardigrades are really small, like half a millimetre. What happens if you wanted to take all the moisture out of a body of a human? Probably (we were drunk) not much good. Inspired by that scene in The Abyss [2], let’s replace our bodies’ water with some other liquid. Oil doesn’t freeze. That’ll do.

To safely transit across the stars, people will have all their bodily water replaced temporarily with oil. The best way to do this is in some kind of deep fryer [3]. While you’re there, you want to seal in the people while they’re sleeping, so it’s safest to include some bread crumbs so the resulting deep fryosleep cocoon is covered uniformly.

There’s a danger that there will be lurking beasts in the stars or on the planets we’re heading to, who will jump at the chance to nom some human tendies. Even on our planet, not everyone likes every flavour, so the key is to flavour the exterior of your fryosleep cocoon different from the people next to you. I chose Honey Mustard. Someone else chose Ultra Hot.

0: Tardigrades!
1: Removing all your body’s moisture to survive an extreme environment is also a plot point in Three Body Problem.
2: Where to go really deep in the ocean, they start breathing a pink liquid that oxygenates your lungs similar to air.
3: Like a bacta tank for flavour.