Four Bikes

Once I moved to my semi-permanent apartment flat on Sleaford Street, the bike each day to Microsoft Research Cambridge was about 20 minutes. There was lots about the unique -ness of Cambridge I wanted to capture, so I got a hold of a helmet-mounted camera, and started recording it.

The video shows four rides over identical routes, spanning from February to my last day of work (paper submission day!). I listened to a music mix from a lady friend each day.

Routines cut grooves into the soul. It breaks my mind that so many people have such long, soulless commutes each day. My commute was very nice. I got to propel my body through an interesting area of space. I long ago decided that it will be impossible for me to live anywhere that has a long commute. Impossible.

Commutes and transit are like sex and death in that we don’t often talk about the shitty details, and we just accept that bad parts as part of life. Fuck that.

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