Game: SimZilla


2-3 pilots
At least 1 Zilla. Though the Zilla should get tired quickly, so having a lineup of 3-4 Zillas works well.

This game works best in an atrium – it requires a raised platform 3+ meters above the play space for the pilots to stand on. The play space (for The Zilla) is 2 x 2 metres.

1 toy object representing a plane per pilot. I wanted to find toy planes, but could only find soft plush reindeer. You want these to not be too hard or pokey as they’ll be slamming into the Zilla repeatedly.

Enough string or rope to dangle the plane from the pilots down to the Zilla. These will get tangled often, so don’t use thread or fishing wire as those are hard to untangle.

How to Play:
Pilots stand on the platform above the Zilla, directing the motion of the plane by expertly swinging their strings around. The Zilla stands in the playspace below.

The goal of the pilots is to hit the Zilla anywhere except the hands or the front of the game; when this happens, the Zilla is DEAD. If there’s a lineup of Zilla, rotate to the next one.

The goal of the Zilla is to hit the planes as many times as possible with their hands before their inevitable death. Don’t grab onto the planes.
(Optional, for balance with more pilots: when the Zilla hits a plane, the pilot must pull the plane all the way up to them and touch it with their hand before returning it to play)

The restriction on the Zilla (to turn them into a Zilla instead of a human) is that the must keep their elbows touching the sides of their torso. This is pretty effective and the only restriction necessary to totally change how your strategy works.

Pilot Strategy:
Your goal as a pilot is to infuriate and tease the Zilla so much that they get sloppy and make a mistake and let one of you hit them. Big, figure 8 loops and sudden drops are best for disorienting the Zilla. Expect roaring.

Sim Zilla RL