Hedonism, Gregarity, Selflessness and Everything Nice

Lessons learned: It’s hard to change who you are, or maybe its just me. This was meant to be an experiment to see what variable X would be like enhanced for twenty-four hours, but it turned out to be more an experiment about whether or not I was capable of enhancing variable X.

So, round-up

Hedonism – fun day, nothing special though. Ended up staying at Pete’s house and drinking seriously for the first time in like 4 months, I think I totalled 2 pitchers for the entire night, including dinner.

Gregarity – for one intended to be a social butterfly, this was a pretty dissapointing day. I spent most of my time working on an assignment.

Selflessness – I cleaned the kitchen, and did everyone else’s dishes, which I think is pretty damn selfless. Didn’t donate to a charity or anything, or pick a child out of a sewer, but that’s really because neither of those presented themselves.

So, there you have it. I want to do this again sometime , but maybe for like a week. Oh yeah, I also have a sweet job this summer, which is awesome, but unfortunately, its in Kingston. Judging from my supervisor though, the hours will be flexible, which is the only way Dustin works.

Time to work on a lab….

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