Heterotopia (or what the hell Dustin has been up to all this time)

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Hi Everyone,

Since September I’ve been involved in a play creation project that has gone full circle from ten people sitting in a room, to writing, to dramaturgy, to rehearsal, to production next week. Its been amazing working with creative people from drama, applied science and education for so long, and The Time Project (as it was code-named) became quite a large part of my life.

We’ve talked about topics ranging from destiny to quantum mechanics to social spaces and imprisonment and disconnection. We used a blog posting-process to innovatively control writing. We spent time brainstorming, and have hundreds of notepads of ingenious scramblings somewhere. The embodiment of this entire process finishes this March 14th -18th, when the play is going up in the Integrated Learning Centre (Beamish-Munro Hall).

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been around for the last year, especially since January, then this is why. This is for every time I declined your asking me to go out and drink or have fun, because I was either rehearsing, writing, or finishing some homework that had been displaced by the play. The entire process was overwhelming, and I’m going to miss it once it’s over, but then again, I will have time to eat properly again. Help me let it go out with a bang.

I and a bunch of other people put alot of blood, sweat and tears into this play, so in essence, if you don’t see it I won’t love you anymore.


More info: http://www.criticalstage.co.uk/current.htm
Blog (writing tech): http://thetimeproject.blogspot.com/

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