I have a robot obsession

I was going to write something about the bipolar street performer I met last night who told me that he had a 90% chance of committing suicide. Then, I was going to write about the representation of computer games in recent films. But…

…I decided it would be much more fun to talk about robots. Specifically, my obsession with them.

I just sat down on my couch to draw something (yes, the couch IN MY ROOM) and the first thing I drew was a rectangular prism, followed by a sphere atop it, and then the words in block capital letters “EVIL ROBOT”. This is a symptom of the problem.

Getting down to it – robots are sexy, seriously. They are what’s hot right now. Popular media doesn’t care about the human condition anymore, it cares about the robot condition – the struggle to find love, control your feelings, reproduce and find your purpose. Robots trying to look like people. For example:

– Battlestar Galactice
– BiCentennial Man
– A.I.
– Any and all Star Trek, etc. (I’m not a Trekkie)
– my friend Jim somehow

I’m also trying to build/program a virtual zoo called MyZoo using simple AI in the Second Life platform right now, which is probably why its on my mind, or maybe that’s another symptom. Anyway, its sexy – we’ll see what comes of this.

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