A day of following in the moment impulses. For myself, I defined being impulsive as not thinking of the past or present (within limits, obviously).

Like I said already, looking at my overall day, nothing changed on the macro-scale. I didn’t end up in Tahiti, sleep with 100 women, or anything memorable. What I did do is read papers in class, chug a Red Bull and a half each with Thom, and touch stuff unusually, yell out. I felt warm inside in the moment, but I’m left feeling rather hollow. I didn’t get anything major done. I DID find out that I got an NSERC grant though today, which is ridiculously good.

So what have I learned? When I act “Impulsive”, I simply act crazy. I yell out, jump around, drink wierd things, but am left with nothing. There is no calculation of benefits but within the next few seconds. I have no lasting worthy memories.

I have decided the difference between impulsiveness and hedonism is that hedonism is calculated, like Ayn Rand would have loved, whereas impulsiveness is random. I’ve found extreme impulsiveness is rather bad.

Tommorow’s trait: Productivity. I’ve already got my alarm clock set for 7:30. Until midnight though: Rumble Box!