Last 24 hours

24 hours ago, I arrived in Toronto.

22 hours ago, I played in a free improv Workshop at Bad Dog Theatre.

21 hours ago, I saw Globehead Theatre Sports at Bad Dog. They were okay.

19 hours ago, I sat down to watch Second City: Reloaded sketch show, and then improv. For the long form improv, I gave the suggestion (and only suggestion) of “Destruction”.

14 hours ago, I started driving back to Kingston, after dropping off an old friend I hadn’ seen in a while who shares my birthday.

13 hours, the other two guys in the car and I start trying to tell the best worst joke.

12 hours ago, I arrive in Kingston, and sleep/

6 hours ago, I wake up and return the rental car. It was a full-size Buick with faux wood interior. Upon returning it, I felt as if I became younger by 60 years.

5 hours ago, I ate eggs, 40% raisins and OJ while watching a bad horror movie, while reading in Scientific American about Tsunamis.

4 to 3 hours ago, I cleaned my room, checked email, got stuff ready for the rest of the week. I’ve decided that I’m not doing any work until tommorow.

2 hours ago, I ate lunch.

For the last hour, I’ve been listening to Feynman’s Lecture on Physics while becoming progressively more stoned.

Does this last 24 hours say alot about me (that’s what I intended when I started writing this). I think it says about my days off.

Yours in Ego,