On wingpeople

So, I went out to the bar last night with an old female friend of mind. We were both trying, or at least hoping to hook up. NOT with eachother.

…although if this was a sitcom I would have woken up the next morning, looked over, and been like…damn. But that doesn’t actually happen. If it has, please let me know as I would like to laugh about it…

So we agree to play wingmen for eachother, which we agreed was pretty strange, and didn’t end up working anyway because we didn’t do anything.

BUT, is it possible that this could work? It could make sense to show up at a bar with a women, and get her to start talking to people, then slip you in (puns?). I don’t think it would work the other way around, at least that’s not what my friend thought. Would it be awkward to start chatting to some guy (me doing the talking) and then bring in your female friend.

I mean its not like I’ve ever even tried the straight wingman thing often, or even ever succeeded.

The decision is: not enough data. NYAAAAAAA