Sick Again

This makes three times this semester. Each time, I’ve known exactly what I’ve had, and who it came from. Judging from the predictability of this so far, I’m writing this in the hopes that I will actually remember something and learn from this.


Disease: Flu
Perpetrator: Kate Evans

This happened just when school was starting again, and put me out of commision for a few days. I remember sweating alot and being delirious.


Disease: Norwalk Virus (Stomach Flu)
Perpetrator: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

D-R thought he would host a “sexy party”, in his true style, and told everyone like two weeks in advance. It seems that the day of the party, he was throwing up, etc. but was determined that the show must go on. Big mistake. Norwalk is highly contagious, and everyone at the party got sick, which screwed up rehearsals for Heterotopia for a full week. Strangely, Kate didn’t get sick – she was like the only one.


Disease: “Sinusitis”
Perpetrator: Talia Acker

I’m coughing up my lungs right now because of this one, another disease spreading around with thanks to Heterotopia. While the name of this disease is somewhat ambigious, and I think defines a symptom and not actually what I have, the effect is not. I have a fever of 39 degrees Celsius. I should probably be sleeping right now, but I just had to prove that infinity is odd.

I plan on getting better soon.

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