This is what is in my room right now

Going counterclockwise from my computer monitor.

Two black walkie-talkies, holding down about 50 pieces of paper containing scribblings about MyZoo, a proect, I’m working on.

Some climbing equipment.

My left hand, freshly covered in gymnastics chalk.

A metronome I’ve had since I was ten, in the original box.

My fiction collection, mostly strange sci-fi I found in this box on the side of the road one day. Some new-age comedy, and several issues of Y: The Last Man.

On my couch, a partially inflated kiddie pool, my toque, 5 large rubbermaid containers (which go with the kiddie pool). On top of the rubbermaid container is a manila envelope containing the 4 plays I’m writing – a post-it on top says “SENIORS must be CHARACTERS”.

A bike helmet.

A stack of giant books on top of my dresser. Highlights: “Ants”, “Impro for Storytellers”, “99 ways to tell a story”, “An Album of Fluid Mechanics”. Also a moon globe and a lego contraption my brother Skyler gave me.

An improv block.

A two-foot long foam rocket I bought in Watertown.

My closet, containing clothers.

A picture of me and my bros.

My bed, covered in leopard print sheets.

My non-fiction book collection. Mostly random stuff. I was looking for my thesaurus in there last night to find another name for “midget” or “dwarf” but found nothing, meaning I couldn’t find the book.

My right hand, freshly covered in gymnastics chalk.

Directly over my monitor, a series of equations relevant to my summer job on a 8.5 x 11″ piece of lined paper, taped to the wall with drywall tape.

On my monitor, several post-its saying things from “Write Scripts” to “Fix OSAP”

And that’s it.

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