Week 1102: The Week of Change

Today’s Theme: Impulsivity

This is the only planned thing I do today.

Every once in a while I get a creeping fear that I am becoming a boring, full-grown, integrated member of society. This is a symptom of those fears, and I’m having a personality experiment to mess with it. The schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday: Impulsivity
Tuesday: Productivity (for the sake of bourgeoisis)
Wednesday: Hedonism (sort of indistinguishable from impulisivity, except I’m allowed to be sloppy)
Thursday: Social Butterflyness (aka Gregarity)
Friday: Selflessness (something I need to work on)

So start the grand experiment. The first 12 hours have gone fine, I haven’t noticed major changes on the macro-scale of my life but I feel different, with impulsivity being highlighted.

My major concern coming up is this job decision I have. I geuss I am content that either way I will make a relatively large amount of money this summer for someone my age.

I just discovered the sweetest game! Rumble Box! I’m going to play some now then watch Battlestar Galactica!