What I learned in Montreal

On Wednesday, I took a bus up to a meeting of IGDA Montreal, to one of their casual meetings about the games industry. It was all really interesting, and too hard to sum up here, but here’s what I learned:

– Montreal is becoming more and more the Hollywood of Games.
– I have childish writing.
– read realitypanic.com – Jason Della Rocca’s blog for info on an ongoing dispute with the lawyer Jack Thompson.
– You can smoke indoors in Montreal if it’s wrapped in 100% tobacco paper.
– If you want to be taken seriously, have a business card.
– “Nobody wants just another shiny gun.”
“I DO want another shiny gun.”
– Chris ‘Wombat’ Crowell from A2M is one cool creative director badass.
– Everything that ever happens will be as a result of cool people that you meet in college.
– Big studios are getting progressively larger, while really small studios are becoming more abundant.
– The game industry is moving towards a freelance/union model.
– being the only non-French speaker at a table is an awkward position.
– get a French girlfriend in Montreal to force yourself to learn French.