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Moment of the Week

So this week is shaping up really nicely, with the massive Canada Day breakfast/Parti on Saturday, but now for the MOMENT OF THE WEEK So, on my ultimate frisbee game on Wednesday, I was chasing down a frisbee with a … Continue reading

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Hit Me….BAM!

New meme announced: So, for those who have seen Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, you’ll remember the scene where Dave Chapelle is rehearsing, with Mos Def in the background on the drum set. (For those who haven’t seen this, see it!) … Continue reading

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Cottage Weekend

This is a picture of the bros (Skyler, 11, Wyatt, 15) and Dad (50). I’m 21. This is from the awesome past weekend at our cottage in Muskoka, here.I haven’t been there in over a year. I talk to my … Continue reading

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Weird-Ass Summer

I was pessimistic about this summer being awesome. Yet somehow, its starting to defy all the expectations of the 9-5 job, single-small-town way. Two big things:– I’ve discovered gymnastics.– I’m going to live in Toronto for two weeks at the … Continue reading

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Chapter Confusion (spontaneous rant)

Heres another thing about video games. I’m currently in the midst of playing a few, I find its good to keep a few going at the same time for interest. They are: Dreamfall: Longest Journey and Opposing, and some others. … Continue reading

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Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Review

Holy crap. I just finished HL2:E1 a few seconds ago, and I’m going to say it was fantastic. I took tons of screenshots, and I’m going to play this again, of course, with the Valve commentary, but, for now, here’s … Continue reading

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Saving My Face

So, before reading this post, read about Second Life to get an idea of what I’m talking about. For a long time, I’ve been trying to get my avatar (below) to match my face. You can go two ways in … Continue reading

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