Hit Me….BAM!

New meme announced:

So, for those who have seen Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, you’ll remember the scene where Dave Chapelle is rehearsing, with Mos Def in the background on the drum set. (For those who haven’t seen this, see it!) Dave Chappelle would be going through a routine, and all of a sudden yell..HIT ME! and all the instruments would give him a nice orch hit (BAM!) He went on with some stand-up style about how awesome this would be to do have in real life.

Well now you can! At improv a few hours ago, we decided (Jim’s idea first) to form a HIT ME posse. Whenever one of the posse says HIT ME! anyone else around who knows has to reply with a loud BAM (not exactly like “bam”, but sounds like a hornish full orchestra hit). Variations are HIT ME TWICE! (BAM BAM)

I hope people pick up how awesome this is, and it spreads like wildfire. In the school year, I should be able to go into bars, say HIT ME to absolute strangers, and get a nice satisfying BAM back. That would be Dave Chappelle’s dream.


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