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The Painting — An Immersive iBeacon Theatre Experience Powered by Webble SmartSpot

Here is a first-person walkthrough of an immersive theatre show I did with Joshua Marx, as part of Floodlight Productions. During the show, the single audience member uses an iPhone in their pocket, with earphones in their ears. Audio cues … Continue reading

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Big Blimpin’: Getting the Right Feel of Flying an Airship for an Installation

This is an install in a 3 x 8 metre room with stereoscopic projection (a Hive) in the Communitech Hub in Kitchener, sponsored by Christie Digital and CAFKA. The project was started by Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli (aka Igloo). … Continue reading

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I Need a Better Distributed Notes Service

I sync many, many plain text notes between my phone and various computers I use during the day. Some of these are little reminders, like what I need to buy for dinner, some of these are freeform narrative ideas about … Continue reading

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The State of Kinect Gaming

I’ve played almost every Kinect game available, and I have to admit, most of them aren’t very good. There are a few exceptions, which I’ll get to below. The “controller-less” aspect of the Kinect was what brought it so much … Continue reading

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Your code doesn’t need to be THAT good

I’m currently crunching to finish a software project. It’s my first time collaborating with a large number of non-co-located people with a shared repository. It’s been interesting and frustrating to manage tasks and larger-scale goals across such a group. One … Continue reading

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Distributed Disc Tossing: The Value of Jerks

My department had a BBQ on Toronto Centre Island last Sunday. I am a frequent Ultimate Frisbee player, so I brought my disc to toss around. Some others did too, so we had an M tossers and N discs situation. … Continue reading

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Where I'm going, where I've been

Near the end of the first semester of my Master’s, my research topic was becoming clearer – along the lines of “teaching the use of gestural interfaces”. This was motivated by the proliferation of gestural interaction in devices of many … Continue reading

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Improv Math: Military Clock

A few weeks ago, I went to see PROJECTproject, an improv show in the Toronto area. They had just come back from a tour to Western Canada, and one of the things they brought back with them was a structure … Continue reading

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Stuck in Real Time

At Friday’s DGP party, a projector and a webcam was set up. The webcam was aimed at the party, and the projector was aimed at a large white wall, displaying the party. This is all good and cool, and if … Continue reading

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A conversation with the Google Earth API

Dustin: Oh hey there, Google Earth, it looks like you have an API so that we can actually talk to each other.GE: Yeah, hello! It’s really useful.Dustin: Well, we’ll see about that. So, I’ve turned you on. Can you tell … Continue reading

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