Month: March 2007

  • How can games be Art?

    Whether or not games can be considered art causes a lot of contention.Article on GamasutraGames Are ArtRoger Ebert’s article My opinion, obviously, is that they ARE, for the following reasons:1. They can be judged as good or bad.2. They can indirectly express to the user’s what is not expressible through direct explanation.3. They can effect […]

  • I am a Superhero

    Your results:You are Iron Man Inventor. Businessman. Genius. Click here to take the “Which Superhero am I?” quiz…

  • Home Base

    This is, possibly, one of my most favourite film shorts of all time. I’m not sure if it appeals to me personally alot, or what. My favourite actor is the mother, but in my opinion the script is genius.

  • Brain damage turns man into human chameleon

    What a fascinating article. This leads to alot of interesting discussions of acting, role-playing and identity crises.

  • A Bar-worthy conversation

    It was St. Patrick’s day. I had finished several Bailey’s on the Rock, three cans of Guiness, two black velvets, two Toucan Breakfasts and seven episodes of Arrested Development. The group decided to stop by at QP for some pool. Naturally, the combination of the bodily abuse I was giving myself now and the payback […]

  • Idea Factory

    My wall is slowly getting covered with 8 1/2 by 11s, scrawling in messy blue pens with hastily done drawings. Where something isn’t big enough to be committed to lined paper, it becomes a post-it note: sometimes nothing more than a pun or an interesting re-spelling, sometimes a whole bunch of meaning condensed to the […]

  • Discovery: Grammatical Group

    While over a discussion with my linguist/awesome/web programmer friend Eric Akaoka, I discovered the most interesting thing. He was going about correcting people on the proper use of the plural form of words, which is completely normal for him.e.g. Octopus -> OctopiUterus -> UteriClitoris -> Clitorises Clitoris turned out to be a bit confusing, since […]

  • Nemesi

    So, I’m sorting through some of the final tech stuff for Deviants, and I come across this wonderful piece of stupid art, by this guy named Mondrian. I’m sure you have all seen stuff like this before. Now to learn more about who this was, I turned as I always do to wikipedia. It turns […]

  • Deviants Next Week

    Its weeks like these when I’m unconsciously making deals with Father Time. The Deviants opens next week. I wrote, acted and designed the set. This is one of the moments when you are throwing yourself out there, and in the last minute you question whether you’re really just full of shit. I think that’s healthy. […]

  • Super Columbine Massacre RPG

    An excellent column in The Escapist on satire, violence in videogames, videogames not getting the same treatment as other art forms and the meaning of experiencing something. For the record, I have not played the game mentioned in the title, but after reading the article I kind of want to.