Month: April 2007

  • Gone to Southeast Asia

    From May 1st – June 10th, I’m gone backpacking across Southeast Asia with my friend Taylor. I won’t be updating this old place as much, but I will be putting words and pictures (and videos?) on our travel blog,

  • Hot Fuzz versus Adaptation

    I just watched Hot Fuzz again last night in a theatre for the second time in a week. What a great movie on so many different levels. [SPOILERS] Halfway through the movie the first time, I suddenly dawned on me the similarities between this movie and Adaptation, another film I’m very much in love with. […]

  • What I learned in Montreal

    On Wednesday, I took a bus up to a meeting of IGDA Montreal, to one of their casual meetings about the games industry. It was all really interesting, and too hard to sum up here, but here’s what I learned: – Montreal is becoming more and more the Hollywood of Games.– I have childish writing.– […]

  • A wicked rhyme I thought up

    Then I hit the pavement, wondering how the rave went.

  • Bacon's Lover Blog Post #325: on the road

    Fuck I love bacon. Sometimes I get really intense cravings, and I want to be able to just snap my fingers and have bacon rain from the sky (see Perry Bible Fellowship). I want to eat bacon on with everything. With mustard, with eggs, with cats even. Are the new viewers gone yet? I’m on […]

  • This helps me get through the day

  • How to Direct Good Improv

    I’ve been the Artistic Director of The Improv Show for nearly a year now, a year fully of very weird, stressful and entertaining experiences. On a regular basis I catch myself wondering what the hell I’m doing, or supposed to do. Directing an improvisation group, especially one as talented and creative as the one I […]

  • Hooray!

    Eidos to open games studio in Montreal This makes my (very early) day.

  • Sitch featured in The Walrus

    Well, not really, but alot of the ideas are the same. For those who didnt’ see The Deviants, it was a collection of small plays (some of which) I wrote and acted for. One of the plays I wrote was entitled “Sitch”: a story of a young woman rebelled against the future world she lived […]