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It’s as simple as bubbles! Click on them for a gratifying popping noise.

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Daft Hands

Holy Crap! UPDATE: Oh shit! A parody! Again, hilarious UPDATE 2: Oh shit! More! I’ll never understand the relationship with some people and their pets.

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I want 10

When I saw Jason (my high-ranked Telus salesman/karaoke friend) in Toronto this past weekend, he had taken a screenshot of an iPhone display and made it the background of his regular phone. I dropped to my knees involuntarily, fooled temporarily … Continue reading

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Games and Education

The link below is to “Statetris”, a game where you play tetris with the States of America. After playing it for about 3 minutes, I think I’ve learned more about the geography of the states than in my previous 22 … Continue reading

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I’m stuck here. I’m looking exhaustively at school programs for next year, specifically game design program. I have a little .txt file I keep full of all of them, and one has really caught my eye. It’s the Vancouver Film … Continue reading

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I just got back home from my glorious friend Ryan’s house, where he introduced me to the Wii. Thus, I shall expound on it. We played Wii Sports, as he didn’t have any other two-player games, so keep in mind … Continue reading

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Movie Sets and the World

I read very quickly. In fact, I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the last two days. I really like these books. They are nice and imaginative, but I find myself getting frustrated with the details. … Continue reading

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Self-Referential Multiple Choice

I’m currently writing a multiple choice placement test for engineering calculus students. I wrote a draft, and sent it in to the professor I’m working for, where he found an error in this question. Which statement is correct about the … Continue reading

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What I'm reading right now

In light of yesterday’s post on the newest book I’ve got, I’m going to reveal what Dustin’s reading on a regular basis. I’m actually a ways off from breaking into Second Person – I have several books to go through … Continue reading

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Holy crap! It’s Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media

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