Month: October 2008

  • How can computers use tacit knowledge?

    I’m seven weeks into my Master’s, and the clouds are beginning to clear around my research topic. But first, an aside… In my improv class at Impatient Theatre on Saturday, there was a scene that was described as “incredibly complex”. We were playing with the idea of an “analogous scene” that explores and expands the […]

  • Stuck in Real Time

    At Friday’s DGP party, a projector and a webcam was set up. The webcam was aimed at the party, and the projector was aimed at a large white wall, displaying the party. This is all good and cool, and if you aim the webcam so that it sees part of the projection, then you get […]

  • Mathematical Recreations – Tetris

    So, I was doodling while watching an episode of The Wire, and I came across this curiousity. Let’s look at Tetris pieces, from the popular video game Tetris. Another way to define these is the set of arrangements of four squares where you can travel from one square to any other given square by shared […]

  • Teaching Origami by Overlaid Video

    The motivation of this project was to teach novel gestural interaction to new users when static diagrams did not suffice. I recorded a video of myself making an origami boat. Then, I projected this video full-size back onto the same space. I brought in a few people to try to learn the process. The video […]

  • Implicitly Explicit

    For the last 15 years or so, the state of the art in Human-Computer Interaction, and Computer Science as a whole, has been riding the line between the explicit and the implicit. I am trying very hard to understand this. When we meet a new Thing, we apply very powerful algorithms subconsciously to figure out […]