Category: moments

  • Stuck in Real Time

    At Friday’s DGP party, a projector and a webcam was set up. The webcam was aimed at the party, and the projector was aimed at a large white wall, displaying the party. This is all good and cool, and if you aim the webcam so that it sees part of the projection, then you get […]

  • Crazy Dream

    So I’m in Toronto now, yada yada yada all is great and shiny and mucho-fantastic. But that’s another post. For now, let’s discuss a dream I had last night. I’m lucky to have pretty vivid dreams regularily, but this one was too odd to let go. I tried to send it in to my twitter, […]

  • A conversation with the Google Earth API

    Dustin: Oh hey there, Google Earth, it looks like you have an API so that we can actually talk to each other.GE: Yeah, hello! It’s really useful.Dustin: Well, we’ll see about that. So, I’ve turned you on. Can you tell me what layers you have?GE: Of course! I’ve got the Geographic Web, Roads, 3D Buildings, […]

  • Weekend Roundup

    This past weekend: – My best friend Dave came up from Guelph.– I volunteered for Admitted Students Day at Queen’s.– I saw Iron Man with Dave, and my other friend Daniel and housemate Jack.– Visited Free Comic Books Day, saw nothing I really liked.– Watched three famous movies I had not seen before: Shawshank Redemption, […]

  • I broke 50 kilometers!

    I just got back from a 54 k bike ride! Here’s the google map. View Larger Map Now, my average speed sport of sucks, as it took over two hours, but that can be improved. I think I’ll need to buy a bike clock.

  • Real-Life Spam

    Well, the house just received 30 identical looking standard-size envelopes, none of which were addressed to any of us. Most of them were weird variations of either Phillip Van Stone (18) or Andrew Collins (9). I opened one for “Mike ColinManing”, which I assumed I couldn’t get prosecuted for since it obviously wasn’t a real […]