Category: research-proj

  • Teaching Origami by Overlaid Video

    The motivation of this project was to teach novel gestural interaction to new users when static diagrams did not suffice. I recorded a video of myself making an origami boat. Then, I projected this video full-size back onto the same space. I brought in a few people to try to learn the process. The video […]

  • Mimicry-Afforded Gesture Instruction

    I was exploring techniques to teach novel gesture interaction “in the moment”. The alternative is to have the user learn everything interaction up front, or to have a large toolbar that takes up screen real estate. I created a concept video that showed me working on a multi-touch tabletop I was using “for the first […]

  • Quantum Phases Project

    I received an NSERC USRA to do summer research in the Queen’s University Math Department. My research was simulating a Ph.D student’s theory in Matlab using Semidefinite Optimization to understand the Quantum Behaviour of Electrons in the now poorly-understood High-Temperature Superconductivity. No pretty pictures (yet), unfortunately.

  • Daylighting Simulation Project

    In the summer of 2005, I worked in the Solar Calorimetry Lab on simulating the effect of daylighting and the response of a lighting control I installed in the Integrated Learning Center. I simulated everything using the lighting software package RADIANCE.