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  • Millennial Superconductor

    Millennial Superconductor

    A superconductive material that operates at room temperature (LK-99) has been reported in the last couple weeks. This is not just exciting because of the potential applications, but also the bizarre drama around the release of the news, and the race to independently verify it. This is especially exciting for me personally, since my first-ever […]

  • Kinect Body Paint – Kinect Workshop @ Pervasive 2012

    Look at what I and my team made in a couple hours at the Kinect Workshop (run by David Kim): There are “buckets” of paint on either side of the space. One can grab paint and draw it all over your body and your friends! Only two people can play at a time. “Sorry”. Download […]

  • Scribbling with Typeset

    Typeset text via keyboard text input is still mostly confined to rigid, linear textboxes, while freeform written text from a stylus or pen and paper is slower and harder to read and re-use in new contexts. I created a prototype on the Microsoft Surface that combined the best properties of both of these worlds: quick, […]

  • Above The Surface Interaction

    I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas Edison This past year, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work on several projects that did not go anywhere. I would started getting discouraged when it was clear a project was not going to arrange itself into a nice academic paper-sized […]

  • Fingerpainting on the Microsoft Surface

    (with Julian Lepinski) For a course on sketching interfaces with Prof. Karan Singh, a colleague and I wanted to explore how to use the rich input available with the Microsoft Surface (grayscale bitmap input) as a suitable artistic tool. For our specific project, we were inspired by painters that use a wide variety of colour […]

  • Surface Monster Nom Nom Nom

    Someone on the Microsoft Surface team was nice enough to send me a project they were working on. Enjoy! This was a whimsical project that received some notice at CHI 2009 as a novel way to extend the interface space of the tabletop into the space above it. What I really like about this “augmented […]

  • Research in Action 2009

    Tommorow, Tuesday November 17th is my department’s Research in Action day. Think of it as a science-fair-like event, but without anu judging or prizes. Basically, its a chance for us computer science graduate students to show off what we have been working outside of regular conferences. The formal description of my project is: The consequences […]

  • Slampad

    (with Julian Lepinski) A colleague and I submitted an entry to the UIST 2009 Student competition sponsored by Microsoft, which challenged entrants to come up with a use for a keyboard that could detect the pressure applied to each key. Here is the pitch from our entry: Mental distractions during text-entry tasks requiring intense concentration […]

  • Diamond Touch Projects

    While working on 3 courses last semester, I got a head-start on some research ideas. When I was starting out, I was simply interested in the idea of “Miming and Mimicry” as an inspiration. After many discussions, I’ve developed further ideas, but still with Miming and Mimicry as  the seed. Here’s the most tangible of […]

  • Evolving Ambiguous Digits

    The above image represents my final Machine Learning project, Evolving Ambiguous Digits. I have just finished writing it now. Yeah! First semester of Master’s finished! More details are to come (I will likely make a project page). But the above is the output of a neural network as represented by a Restricted Boltzmann Machine, when […]