Surface Monster Nom Nom Nom

Someone on the Microsoft Surface team was nice enough to send me a project they were working on. Enjoy! This was a whimsical project that received some notice at CHI 2009 as a novel way to extend the interface space of the tabletop into the space above it.

What I really like about this “augmented tangible” idea is that not only can the digital visuals be changed based on what is happening in the real world (like Slap Widgets) but the Surface Monster’s internal workings lets those visuals be displaced. I also get to poke the monster in the eye, which makes him throw up.

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2 responses to “Surface Monster Nom Nom Nom”

  1. Nom nom nom nom. That’s pretty cool stuff. Just a clear plastic core I’m assuming? That’s a very interesting way of getting data three dimensional (toys, like that little guy). I’m thinking more medical application ..

    The sounds were the best. “Pop”, “Blargh”, etc.