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  • Sabbatical Themes

    Sabbatical Themes

    Late 2022, I quit my job at Meta Reality Labs. I’m not looking for any commercial projects until at least 2024. In academia, a year outside your normal work environment is formalized as a “sabbatical”; this my DIY Sabbatical. Gestural Input, 2008-2023 At Meta, I was working on EMG Input for AR since the CTRL […]

  • Upcoming Topics in Computing (that I’m interested in)

    I have spent a lot of time in academia, and the last four years at commercial startups, including running a few myself. This gives me a special vantage point on upcoming computing areas – I want to jump over what’s interesting now to what will be interesting in 5 years. My current job hunt has […]

  • Wonderful Projects I Did With Microsoft’s Kinect

    RIP the Kinect. Literally changed the direction of my research/career/life/art. Gave it more DEPTH. — Dustin Freeman🚁LAX (@dustinfreeman) October 25, 2017 Microsoft has ceased manufacturing the Kinect. Here’s some projects, art and research, academic and industrial, that I could only have done with the Kinect. The Role of Physical Controllers in Motion Video Gaming, 2011: […]

  • An Illustrating Example of Improv

    I’m finalizing my PhD Thesis on interaction design for improv. This is a slightly-embellished example of something that actually happened. Yes, a mouse ran across the stage in the middle of an improv set and the performers all reacted in different ways and my mind exploded in curiosity watching it unfold. Here is a example […]

  • Appears to Take on Meaning…

    I’m in the midst of writing up my thesis, an unnaturally large document that I both want to just finish, but also have the urge to encapsulate every thought I’ve had in my life to this date. Some of my spare thoughts that don’t appear in that formal academic document will appear here. Humans are […]

  • Improv Remix Call For Performers: July 28th – August 3rd, 2014

    Dustin Freeman and Montgomery Martin are looking for 3-5 performers of any age and demographic with a background in improv or comedy to collaboratively playtest a live video remix system. Performers will interact with an array of motion sensors and cameras to construct a series of original scenes from live video recordings to be presented […]

  • Coolest of CHI 2014

    Every year around this time my research community has the CHI conference, both standing for Computer-Human Interaction and a pun on the greek χ, representing empirical data. Here are the projects I saw at the conference that were the coolest. I’ll update this as I read papers I didn’t get to see in person. Haptic […]

  • “That’s very compelling, but are you the only one who can use it?”

    I was asked this question when demoing a research interface at a presentation recently. It’s a good question, and I think one we in the research HCI field tip-toe around a lot. The answer I gave was that concept interfaces are meant to explore a new idea. A successful concept presents an idea what is […]

  • Learning from Feedback

    As the head chef of a new 5-Star restaurant, you are anxiously preparing for the opening in three months. Your menu is mostly set, and you’ve talked about your ideas with your food industry friends and they’re excited. You want to try out some of your dishes on people who aren’t in the industry, so […]

  • Manually Clustering 275 Images For Qualitative Analysis

    Grounded Theory is a technique for developing a theory about some empirical data you collected. This is in opposition to having some hypotheses in advance, which you will either verify or not. However, if you’re collecting data in an entirely new field, you might not know what hypotheses are important, and the hypotheses you have […]