Research in Action 2009

Tommorow, Tuesday November 17th is my department’s Research in Action day. Think of it as a science-fair-like event, but without anu judging or prizes. Basically, its a chance for us computer science graduate students to show off what we have been working outside of regular conferences.

The formal description of my project is:
The consequences of interleaving input techniques: Replaying Gestures and Scribbling with Typeset
Interleaving between multiple input techniques is not well explored beyond the time-cost of switching. We present two prototypes that explore this interplay. In normal application use, previous gestural actions may be re-used, much like words are re-used and gain new meaning in conversation. We present Replaying Gesture Macros, work on recording, replaying and modifying multi-touch gestures. Typeset text via keyboard input is usable but confined to rigid, linear textboxes, while written text from stylus entry is slower and harder to read and re-use. We present Scribbling with Typeset, a prototype that combines the best expressive properties of these two modes.

My Research In Action 2009 setup
My Research In Action 2009 setup

All in all, it will be pretty interactive. I have two giant touch tables (a DiamondTouch and a Microsoft Surface) running. If you want to check it out, it might be better to come later (closer to 5 or 6) when it will be less busy. I am in:
Room 3201
Bahen Centre
40 St. George Street

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