Diamond Touch Projects

While working on 3 courses last semester, I got a head-start on some research ideas. When I was starting out, I was simply interested in the idea of “Miming and Mimicry” as an inspiration. After many discussions, I’ve developed further ideas, but still with Miming and Mimicry as  the seed. Here’s the most tangible of what I’ve worked on:

This first one, which I titled “Space Shift” certainly doesn’t count as a finished Contribution To Research, but I whipped it together quickly to try an idea out.

This second video is more about manipulating objects on  desktop. Most people, when thinking of multitouch, think of the ubiquitous “Look ma, I’m moving photos” demo. This uses very literally realistic physics, which is great because it takes advantage of the physical intuition we already have. I played with a few very simple ways of using non-realistic physics. I am also working on (in progress) creating new “types” of physics by miming. At the end of this video, we see a copy gesture inspired by miming.

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