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  • Talk @ Roguelike Celebration 2022

    Talk @ Roguelike Celebration 2022

    This upcoming Sunday, Oct 23, I’m doing a talk at Roguelike Celebration, a conference about the creation, appreciation and analysis of roguelikes; that odd genre of game incorporating procedural generation, permanent consequences (often called permadeath) and maximalist systems. In 2020, I did a short talk on Procedurally Generated Technology Trees. This year, I’m talking about […]

  • GPT-2 and Culture Ship Names

    Brief Personal Update: I accepted a new job and moved to Manhattan – more on that later. Critically, I signed a lease on an apartment after 3 years of cybernomadism. I intend to live here for a while, but I want it to feel like a spaceship on the move. Thus, it needs a proper […]

  • Breaking Up With Git LFS

    After using Git LFS on and off for over two years, even going through one major version change, I’ve decided git LFS is not for me, at this stage. Here’s how I took an existing repo using Git LFS, and removed it to return to a vanilla Git repo. Briefly, Git LFS is a way […]

  • Splitting a big, single-page pdf into print-size pages

    Context: I’m currently putting together a grant application. This means I need to get together documentation and press for what I’ve done. I need to submit this all on printed physical paper. URLs or pdf files by themselves are not enough. I’m on macOS. Normally, you can just print a webpage to pdf from the […]

  • Git LFS Sucks the Least: Prototyping and Version Control with Large Binary Assets

    Here’s a story of my struggles with version control at Raktor as I push it to the limit for a variety projects in the Unity engine. Pour a drink and commiserate with me. I love git. My background is in handling large, complex codebases that go all the way down to the metal, so distributed […]

  • The Painting — An Immersive iBeacon Theatre Experience Powered by Webble SmartSpot

    Here is a first-person walkthrough of an immersive theatre show I did with Joshua Marx, as part of Floodlight Productions. We built it in a section of The SpeakeasySF while it was still under construction. UPDATE: See my talk at Hackaday’s Supercon about this project: During the show, the single audience member uses an […]

  • Big Blimpin’: Getting the Right Feel of Flying an Airship for an Installation

    This is an install in a 3 x 8 metre room with stereoscopic projection (a Hive) in the Communitech Hub in Kitchener, sponsored by Christie Digital and CAFKA. The project was started by Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli (aka Igloo). There is more about the conception and themes of the project on their page. This […]

  • I Need a Better Distributed Notes Service

    I sync many, many plain text notes between my phone and various computers I use during the day. Some of these are little reminders, like what I need to buy for dinner, some of these are freeform narrative ideas about a story, and some of these are links of stuff to read. I’m looking for […]

  • The State of Kinect Gaming

    I’ve played almost every Kinect game available, and I have to admit, most of them aren’t very good. There are a few exceptions, which I’ll get to below. The “controller-less” aspect of the Kinect was what brought it so much initial excitement. However, we’re still not good at designing experiences that take advantage of this. […]

  • Your code doesn’t need to be THAT good

    I’m currently crunching to finish a software project. It’s my first time collaborating with a large number of non-co-located people with a shared repository. It’s been interesting and frustrating to manage tasks and larger-scale goals across such a group. One of the problems is that different members have different aesthetic values on what “good” software […]