Man, linux computers suck. I’m at the workstation I’ve was at for four months this summer, and I can’t don’t anything, specifically look at Flash or pdf.

So, this rules out:

Doing my COGS 100 readings

Looking at my flash animation from Tuesday again, for the 100th time, to poke more holes in it (How I can improv it).

Emailing out the contact info for the Mischevious Ants Project.

Studying for my midterm at 6:30 tonight, by looking at online problem sets.

Can you tell yet that I’m busy? I hate when I get like this. Everything, especially people, become immediately less important as compared to my percieved goals about what it is neccesary that I have to accomplish. I turn into a judgemental, abrasive asshole and its awful, at least a little bit more so than normal. I end conversation abruptly because I have tiny things nagging me.

I think I need to go through another chill-the-fuck-out phase.

Oh, here’s something I can do. I’ll go memorize my lines for The Eumenides. They’re on paper.

Athene –
you are the new foundation of Agamemnon’s Ressurected house.
You have given an exile back his home.
Now it can be said:
Orestes is an Argive. Orestes uphold his father’s throne,
Blessed by Apollo and Athene and by the all-father Zeus.
Great Zeus, who has redeemed by dead father
for my mother’s crime.
God himself
has exonerated me of all guilt.
I will return home to Argos
but before I do, let me swear this:
For all time to come, Attica shall be a beloved friend of Argos