Coming up this week…

In 12 hours I’m going to be getting on a flight to Vancouver. This is my final hurrah of the summer, the final tiny bit of adventure I get in before school starts up again.

In Vancouver the agenda is pretty thick with Game Design and Digital Media schools to check out. I’ve got five on my list in the space of three days.

I had already booked my return flight, with the intention of coming back on Sept 6th. However, my Vancouver friend gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse: in exchange for a free place to stay, he and I will tag-team drive his car back, and see how close we can cut it to 40 hours. Here’s a picture of our route:

Apparently the quickest way is through the States. We aren’t stopping, and are going to try to drive in alternating 6-hour shifts. Oh man oh man oh man. I’ve heard alot of doubt as to whether we can do it in 40 hours, although I had somebody quote 36 hours to me yesterday as the amount of time it should take.

I’ll keep all y’all posted.