Fame, Performance and Halloween Costumes

So, for this halloween, me and two friends (Matt Reid and Matt “Schomberg” Clayton) had an epically awesome costume, as seen below.

We’re plastic toy army men, the kind you get by the dozen, probably last seen in toy story. We would go around and pose everywhere for Halloween.

Our schedule was as follows:
FRIDAY – Kidnap someone from class and thus make a scene, Ritual
SATURDAY – Night-time Parties. Walk Around
MONDAY – Walk around campus on actual Halloween, make more of a scene.

This costume is undeniably cool. Lots of people have said so, and I know so. We went out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I think over 200 pictures were taken of us (not including ones we took). Here’s another

So, eventually we became famous. We would walk into parties a few houses down the street from one we had just left, and people would be like: “I heard of you, someone at another said they saw you.” – this was on Saturday night However, fame is not without a price. We were all wearing thick rubber, the only material that would hold the fourteen cans of glossy green spray paint that we used on ourselves. This was hot and sweaty. Our helmets were heavy, we couldn’t sit down because our pants were too tight, actually Schomberg and I tore ours later, our face paint rubbed off, and we couldn’t carry alcohol around.

A costume like this, with such an investement in time and money ($40/person?) means you have to make sure you really enjoy it. By the third day, Monday, where we planned to get into the Journal, our campus newspaper, we felt like living statues who make a living this way.

It began to feel more like an ordeal, a job, than something we did for fun.

Me, looking like I’m having more fun that I actually am.

Fortunately we did actually get our picture in the journal, and then even more people knew about us. So, I’ve been hearing alot of congratulations.
Saturday night was our big walkabout, where we heard a bunch of comments, which would get repetitive after a while. The most unusual was “Are you scuba men?” which I don’t think I will forget for a while. Such is fame.
All in all, I’d say it was worth it, definitely, but it certainly sucked at the time. Beauty is pain.

Other Awesome Costumes I saw or heard of:
– Eight Oompa Loompas, with song
– Village People, with song
– Rock Paper Scissors (who I never saw, damn)

3 responses to “Fame, Performance and Halloween Costumes”

  1. dude seriously you have to tell me how you guys made those…i stumbled upon your page from a google search on army men costumes…me and my roomates wanna do it but don’t know how…plzzzz email me at khausm1@towson.edu on how you did that.

  2. That is so incredible! Toy story is such and endearing move and I totally love the soldiers. You guys looked so real (ok real for a toy). :)

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